Optimize Inventory Deployment Services in Chicago, USA

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Chicago, IL, United States, Chicago, Illinois, United States

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December 30, 2017 at 6:56 am

Chicago Consulting is the prominent, most skilled and specialist Logistic and Supply Chain Management company in Chicago, IL, USA. Supply Chain Inventory Deployment and Management Strategy service assist our clients maintain their inventory strategy all together with its manufacturing and distribution strategy. We analyze demand and supply variability, segment inventory based on many characteristics, and build an inventory profile.

We have 30 years of great experience of this Business, we design Warehouse Network, Logistic and Supply Chain Design, Order Processing, Inventory Deployment, Inventory Health Check up, Optimal Packaging, Transportation, Lead Time Compression, Supply Chain E commerce Systems.

Why choose us?

Chicago Consulting has developed the technology to specify optimum Safety Stocks – for every product at each location – multi-echelon. Our optimal Safety Stocks provide the max Fill for any specific investment (Cost) or the minimum investment for any specified Fill.

Contact us via Phone: (312) 346-5080, or Email us at: admin@chicago-consulting.com