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January 12, 2019 at 10:52 am

We, TASA Interior Designer, are the architectural cum interior firm transforming the lives of clients by creating comfortable functional spaces within their home or workplace. Our firm was established on 16th June 2000 with a dream of creating an ambience with unique interior designs in Bangalore that would redefine people's lifestyle both at home and work place. Since then fourteen successful years have passed and we have tons of invaluable experience that always inspires us to deliver the best in every project we take.

We have garnered the reputation of being one of the best budget best interior designers in Bangalore. Thanks to our gifted interior designers! We have teams of interior designers who are professional, dynamic and client-friendly. They encourage the clients to actively participate in the planning and designing processes so they could get what they actually had envisioned. This approach of ours has earned the trust of clients as well as new clients. Pairing our unique approach is the quality materials which we use in our interior designs. We strictly adhere to the quality standards while purchasing materials for our interior designing projects. It's because quality makes difference not quantity. TASA Interior Designer is the place where you will find immaculate interior designs that not only work but last long.

email id- info@tasainteriordesigner.com

website url- http://www.tasainteriordesigner.com/

phone no. 9241117111

Phone No: 9241117111

Website: https://www.tasainteriordesigner.com/