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Ashby, Massachusetts, United States

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January 11, 2019 at 7:19 am

Spring Hill Recovery Center is a place where individuals get a personalized care who are suffering from addiction to several substances. They have a highly trained team of care givers who work round the clock providing medical as well as mental support or encouragement to the inmates. Care is taken to see that the individual receives treatment when he is in the centre as well as when he is out of the centre so that he can go back to their family and live a normal healthy life. The involvement of family helps the inmate to get treated faster and better and even the family gets to be a part of the treatment procedure so that they learn to deal with these people in the outside world.

Spring Hill Recovery Center

250 Spring Hill Rd,

Ashby, MA

01431, USA

Phone: - (978) 243-6912

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