The Connection between Your Fuel and Your Mental Health

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Wickenburg, Arizona, United States

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March 15, 2019 at 8:18 am

Yoga, exercise and sleep is usually the answer for the ways to manage the mental health. But as this blog points out, food also plays an important role in shaping you as a person. In order to get a good mental status, one must consume foods that are healthy. The few options which you can choose from include Mediterranean diet which includes nuts, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, fish and skinless poultry. Including Omega 3 fatty acids can also have a therapeutic effect on health. You can also choose flaxseed, hemp, lake trout, chia, and walnuts to compensate for the omega 3 needs of your body. Vitamin D is most essential to soak the sun in as much as you can and have D3 capsules too. You must avoid foods that are processed, sugary and fried. These are responsible for diminishing the mental and physical health of the people.