Go global at International Trade Shows in Europe

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June 14, 2018 at 1:13 pm

As any MNC or industrial company worth its salt knows, if you want to make it in the global arena, if you want to network and partner with international players, if you want to access international business - International trade shows are a must.

Expos and trade shows are usually targeted at a specific industry, so you can pick your niche and reach a specific audience.

As per M+A Expo database, in the global trade show business, Europe is the leading place for trade fairs. More than 90% of leading international trade fairs is held in Europe. Most trade shows Europe take place in Germany. In the second place is Italy. Other important countries for trade shows Europe are: France, Spain and Russia. Trade shows Europe are characterized by a long trade fair tradition, which has developed over centuries.

International exhibitions offer a grand platform to introduce or build your brand on the world stage. Participation establishes credibility for your world-class capabilities and your brand. It’s also a way of staying abreast with the latest in the industry – innovations, competitors, marketing trends, associations, etc.

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