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September 29, 2017 at 11:15 am

Top 5 MATLAB Project Ideas

Many students all around the world work on MATLAB projects that transform our world entirely. Some of these projects become revolutionary and are appreciated worldwide. Below is a list of Top 5 MATLAB Project Ideas that can help IEEE students in their MATLAB research projects. Laser-Guided Vehicle: This idea can be developed using two synchronized lasers layered on top of each other and increase the robustness of road detection. This algorithm established in MATLAB employs a sequence of scans recorded on a snow-clad road with snow piled on either side. Every scan done by the path detection uses the Hough transform. The position of the robot is estimated from the road edge detection.
Analogue Clock: Even today we have people who are highly passionate about an Analogue clock. An analog clock has moving hands. The smaller hand is the hour's hand that travels 30° in one hour whereas the longer one is the minute's hand that runs 360° in 1 hour. The second's hand rotates at 6°. You could design this for yourself in MATLAB, as it has a collection of graphics commands for plotting and analyzing complex signals. Face Detection: This factor is most talked about after the launch of new iPhone which has the retina recognition feature. In MATLAB you can establish an object detection system that can detect face, eyes and upper body.

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