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Glen Iris, Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

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August 12, 2017 at 3:39 pm

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As experienced lifters know, a bench is not just a bench.
Like a reliable spotter, an effective bench is what separates you from the floor and gives you the support to keep that weight aloft.

Regardless of whether you want a bench for commercial use or to serve in your home gym, the Iron Edge Adjustable Bench will deliver the goods. The bench height and pad width have been built to IPF specs ensuring a tried and tested design. The upright is designed to lock at four different positions between 0-80 degrees while the seat locks at three, which means the bench will hit every angle between military press and flat bench you could possibly desire. It will hold its angles courtesy of its ‘no fail’ locking system as reliably as Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Iron Edge Adjustable Bench is designed to interface both in terms of function and appearance with any of our racks and comes with a twelve-month warranty to back its commitment to long-term, faithful service.