Thorny Devil

450.00 Dollar $

Frankston, Melbourne, Australia


September 7, 2018 at 3:24 pm

Thorny Devil is a species of Lizard that has very thick horns all over it. This is often seen as an evil type of Lizard in many cultures due to the physical appearance of it. In the past it has been killed due to it being seen as a terrible omen for one to scurry in front of you. In spite of such legends though they remain in the wild in high enough numbers that they aren’t at risk of extinction. The Thorny Devil is about 8 inches in length and very bulky. The body is a sand color with various shades of brown and tan. The coloring often depends on the habitat they are in so that they are easily able to blend into their surroundings. They are pale in color when they are warm enough and they get darker as they get cooler.

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