Fresh Fertile Parrots Eggs And Babies Parrots For Sale

30.00 Dollar $

Cardwell, Far North Queensland, Australia


October 11, 2018 at 2:08 pm

have available fresh candle tested fertile parrot eggs and parrots.
we are avian breeders and we are specialized in the sales of candle
tested fertile parrot eggs .

Congo African Grey eggs
Timneh Grey eggs
Umbrella Cockatoo eggs
Palm Cockatoo eggs
Goffin Cockatoo eggs
Gallah Cockatoo eggs
Blue and Gold Macaw eggs
Scarlet Macaw eggs
Greenwing Macaw eggs
Hyacinth Macaw eggs
Sollomons Island Eclectus eggs
Dyh Amazon eggs
Toco Toucan eggs
Cockatiel eggs
Senegal eggs
African Ringneck Dove

Below is a list of Parrots we have for sale:

-Hyacinth macaws
-Blue & Gold Macaws
-Scarlet Macaws
-African Greys
-Rose Breasted Cockatoos
-Moluccan Cockatoos
-Black palm cockatoos
-Double Yellow Headed Amazon
-Yellow Nape Amazon
-Blue Front Amazon

we can guarantee full supply and perfect delivery for
this species of parrot eggs that we have. we deliver in
incubators and provide after sales services to first time buyers.
if interested in healthy baby birds contact us for more..
( or call us at +63 9053469410

Phone No: +63 9053469410