Basic Things To Include In A Rental Property Lease Agreement Form

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September 14, 2018 at 2:20 pm

If you’re planning to have your property rented, it’s a no brainer that you should at least draft a house rental lease agreement template. You can write the conditions that concerns both parties – Landlord and Tenant. Below are some basics that are a must in creating a rental property lease agreement template.

• Landlord and Tenant (involved parties)

In a rental property lease agreement form the basic information of both the Landlord and Tenant must be written in a section of the document, you can also include the agent information if there’s any.

• Property Information

When writing your own rental property lease agreement template it is basic that you indicate the full location/address of the property, and also the “Name” of your property (if applicable) for example “Sunrise Villas”, “Paradise Estates” just to cite some samples.

• Lease Duration or Validity of Contract

Don’t forget to include the duration or the validity of the contract. Details of the first day it takes effect until the lease ends. Don’t forget to include the price and monthly obligation of the tenant.

If writing your very own rental property lease agreement form seems too much for you to handle you can always rely online and download some free printable lease agreement to start with.

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