7 Characteristics for Successful Executive Chef jobs

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September 26, 2017 at 1:00 pm

The world’s most successful Executive Chef jobs all have one thing in common: an exceptional ability in the kitchen. However, skills preparing food are not everything when it comes to finding success in the culinary field. Many of the world’s most successful Executive Chef jobs have one or all of these seven characteristics.
If you find these attributes in yourself, and you’re willing to cultivate them further, then you could also be destined for culinary greatness.

1. Organizational Skills
As an Executive Chef jobs, your job is about more than just cooking food. You have to lead an entire team of kitchen staff, budget for food, determine how much of each ingredient to buy each week, schedule shifts for employees and anticipate the busiest times of day in the kitchen. To handle all of this, you’ll need to be organized and take time to plan and schedule every day that you’re at work.

2. Willingness to Accept Criticism
Even the best Executive Chef jobs still have something to learn. One of the marks of a truly great chef is the ability to accept criticism and adjust their cooking to meet the needs of the diner or the restaurant owner. Learn to accept the critique of others, and be ready to adjust your style if and when it is necessary.