Cataract eye Surgery hospital in Bangalore


Nandidurga Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


September 14, 2018 at 1:37 pm

Seedi Eye Care Centre is a one of the best Cataract eye Surgery hospital in Bangalore. Equipped with the highest industry standard equipment, the center offers the ideal optometric care. Established keeping in mind a balance between manageable eye care costs and absolute comfort for the patient. The center boasts a state of the art operation theatre with a special priority to cleanliness and hygiene. The award-winning medical staff is lead by Dr. Ayesha Nazlin, one of the finest eye care doctors in the city of Bangalore, whose personal mission is offering Lasik eye surgery, Cataract eye surgery, and IOT surgery at an affordable price.
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42, Nandidurga Main Road, Jayamahal, Bangalore-560046

Phone : +91 9886060384


Phone No: 9886060384