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October 12, 2017 at 12:55 pm

Cold pressing is probably one of the healthiest forms to get all the required nutrients. When you are cold pressing your favourite fruits, you get the purest form of the juice. There are no added substances to the juice. It's just the simple, pure, juice. However, with most cold press juicers, it is a messy affair. Not everyone likes to handle mess early in the morning. This is where Julavie comes to your rescue. Julavie is an innovative juicer that makes sure you get your morning cold press juice, but no mess. So, how does it happen?

To be honest, it happens due to something extremely simple. We, at Julavie believe that keeping things simple is the best way to solve a problem, and our innovative cold press juicer is the outcome of the same. There is a juicing bag involved in the process that keeps your juicer and kitchen counter out of the mess. To get fresh cold-pressed juice, one needs to follow 3 simple steps. Firstly, place fruits and vegetables in the juicing bag, then, insert the bag into the machine and close the safety cover. Lastly, begin juicing with the one-button and the juice will be done in 90 seconds. That's it. In 90 seconds, you have fresh cold pressed juice which will pump you up for the day.

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