Gurin Professional Otoscope

38.95 Dollar $

Tustin, CA, Tustin, California, United States

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January 3, 2018 at 8:25 am

Professional Otoscope is a 2.5 V Professional Diagnostic Otoscope Kit has 3 specula and a case of zippered leatherette. The kit has a specula adaptor that is disposable and you can use it if you doing clinical practice. This Professional Otoscope is brand new. This is the latest model and it is constructed using the chrome plate brass which makes it extremely durable. The unit has a handle that uses 2 batteries of ā€œCā€ alkaline nature for supplying power to a high intensity halogen bulb in order to obtain a very bright light. Any otoscope has its power in its lenses and this unit uses the high quality GLASS which is coated to resist scratches.