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Moorabbin, Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

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October 13, 2017 at 10:53 am

A unique cold smoked technology that extracts oak wine barrel & olive wood essence in a pure form.

About Crabtree’s Oak Wine Barrel & Olive Wood Extracts. This pure extract is an aromatic and culinary food enhancer that has a rich depth of aroma and flavour profiles. We offer two different sources of wood extract – oak wine barrel and olive wood – both with their own unique profiles.

The Technology employs a unique cold smoked extraction method that collects the essence and filters it at the source. This extract is bottled at the source. The extract will darken and mellow over time to add natural charm and depth of flavour to food.

Just a single spray in a bowl of mashed potato transforms the dish to a completely new level. Can be used on a wide range of foods where a lovely wood and smokey flavour will benefit. This is known as the “black truffle of natural flavouring”. The gold standard in natural flavour enhancing.

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Website: http://smokehouse.com.au