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October 10, 2017 at 10:19 am

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An eBook
Writing an eBook is definitely a big step for a writer. Many writers dream of publishing an eBook. Most of them (the prominent ones) fall prey to various mistakes that should be and can be avoided. Writing an eBook relatively seems easy, be it a Marathi eBook or an English eBook but it is a task that should be carefully researched about before being taken up! Which is why avoiding mistakes becomes a must.
Here are certain mistakes that the writers make and could be avoided
1. Choosing a topic that you very little about
This is the most harmful mistake a writer can make. Sometimes in the frenzy of choosing a hot topic you choose something that you have no idea about and that can be purely disastrous. If you pick up a topic you know nothing about, creating and writing an eBook will require a lot of undue efforts. So best way is to choose a topic you know something about or are deeply interested in, Buy Rent Ebooks Online India.
2. Not planning before starting to write
Planning before doing anything is pretty vital. EBook is not just any book you write. While writing an eBook you need to think about the publishers that you will approach and the audience you need to target and also the sketch line of your story,

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