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April 16, 2018 at 8:51 am

What is MBTI?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (“MBTI”) is one of the most well known and most used tools for personal and professional analysis. The MBTI is based on Carl Jung’s personality theory that each of our personalities is made up of our preferences, or how we choose to do certain things.This personality inventory was developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers.The MBTI® instrument helps people transform themselves—by giving them a powerful tool for improving how they communicate, learn, and work. It describes a dynamic personality system which identifies preferences rather than competencies. It provides insight into extraversion and introversion, how we bring in information, make decisions gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact with other. When all of these factors are put together, it gives us clarity and insight into our own personality, as well as others.

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