San Cai Arts – A School to Learn Drawing Skills from Basic to Advanced Steps

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802 U.S. 1, Edison, New Jersey, United States

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September 27, 2017 at 7:19 am

Interested in learning different drawing skills? Build the foundation first, with San Cai Arts School in NJ. We offer drawing classes NJ to children and adults to help them develop, sharpen, and master the art of drawing. We teach from basic to advanced drawing skills to every student, under the guidance and support of expert teachers and seasoned mentors.

Our drawing classes are basically designed to teach children of all ages with or without basic knowledge of drawing. We teach the basic techniques of drawing first, such as how to hold a pencil, how to move your wrist, how to observe light and shadow, how to draw a line, how to shade an area, how to differentiate values, how to comply with perspective, etc. We adopt a holistic approach to train every student, with personal care and assistance.

At San Cai Arts, we help children learn at their own pace and develop skills that they need to improve no matter what entry level skills they have. With our experienced and award winning instructor David Dong, kids will learn a wide spectrum of drawing techniques. We have a free spirited learning environment that encourages children to work openly and earnestly. Enroll now!

San Cai Arts is best for:
• Drawing class
• Oil painting class
• Art summer camp
• Art summer school
• Portfolio preparation for newbie

Phone No: 848-200-7102