5 Colour Shades That Are Suitable For A Baby Nursery

24. Nov 2020
5 Colour Shades That Are Suitable For A Baby Nursery

The arrival of a baby is always an exciting event, and there are so many things to organise prior to bringing the new-born back to the family home. Of course, decorating the nursery is a major aspect, and with that in mind, here are some great colour combinations that really do work in a baby’s nursery room.

  1. Neutral Colours Work Best – Your baby will be exposed to bright colours during the day, so choose a neutral colour palette for the bedroom. A light beige and cream combination work well, and is soft on the eyes, while creating the right ambience for sleeping. If you are looking to get painting services in the Gold Coast or in your local area, there are established master painters who can advise on the perfect nursery colours, plus their workmanship is outstanding.

2. Green for Serenity – A pale shade of green coupled with white is an ideal choice for a nursery, and research tells us that lighter shades of green encourage calmness and serenity. Some ideal candidates are moss green, sage, apple or olive, and coupled with white or cream, this will give the infant a tranquil ambience, which will help when it comes to sleeping time. Light greens and beige go together very well, as does amber, and this colour arrangement promoted relaxation.

3. Lilacs and Lavenders – Tried and tested, shades of lilac coupled with a cool looking lavender will always make for the ideal ambience for resting. The best idea is to talk to a local master painter & decorator, who can show you a complete range of colour palettes, so you are bound to find something that fits the bill perfectly. A pale pink is fine if you want a traditional girl colour, just avoid anything that is too bright.

4. Baby Blue – The perfect shade for a boy, baby blue is easy on the eyes, and combined with either white or even a shade of turquoise, this great colour arrangement is a firm favourite for a baby boy’s bedroom. Stick with lighter shades of blue, rather than a deep blue, as this promotes tranquillity. You will also need to consider lighting, and there is a great article on choosing the best lighting for a nursery, which will surely help you with your lighting plans.

5. Crispy White – White can be the perfect backdrop for some colourful wall art, something that will provide a visual interest. Beige or light green or blue are ideal furniture colours, which also balance out the room, and if you are in any doubt, talk to your local painter & decorator, who would have an extensive catalogue of all shades from which to choose.

The best way to select the right colours for your new-born’s nursery is to consult with an established local painter & decorator, as they can advise you on the best colours to use. Matte finish is a better choice than a shiny finish, as this eliminates reflection, which can be distracting, and the professional painter would have a wealth of practical experience in selecting suitable nursery colours.


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